We give as the Church, not to the Church

Donor Commitment 

How will you give as an act of faith and worship in 2023?

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Generosity commitment

In the past, our congregation has pledged to faithfully give $650,000 per year but actual annual giving has been significantly higher than that due to your loving sacrificing for God’s Kingdom. In these uncertain times, we want to go into 2023 with a solid understanding of our financial footing.

Stephen & Lauren Carroll

Stephen and Lauren Carroll of Benton FUMC talk about the importance of giving and how easily it was to make the transition to online giving and what they enjoy about it.

Noelene carson

Noelene Carson of Benton FUMC said she was taught at an early age about the importance of giving faithfully. Now, she has made the transition to online giving, and in this video, she talks about how easy it was to make the switch.

Wes & Autumn Jones

Wes and Autumn Jones with Benton FUMC discuss the importance of giving faithfully and making the change to our online option.