General Conference 2024

The United Methodist Church is a global body. Amidst such diversity of backgrounds and experience, the General Conference (GC) is our denomination’s legislative body and the only voice that can speak for the whole church. They have the authority to change parts of our Book of Discipline and our Social Principles. The GC typically meets every four years, but after several delays of the 2020 conference due to covid, the GC will meet in late April of this year in Charlotte, NC. Arkansas will send a delegation of 8 people–four clergy (Rev. Mark Norman, Rev. Michael Roberts, Rev. Lynn Kilbourne, Rev. Jessie Teegarden) and four laity (Karon Mann, Todd Burris, Elizabeth Fink, Regina Norwood)–to GC. They will be supported by reserve delegates. As our denomination prepares for General Conference, many have questions about the future of the church and the possible impact of the General Conference’s decisions on the life and ministry of the United Methodist Church in the Arkansas Conference.

In response, Bishop Laura Merrill and General Conference lead delegates Karon Mann (lay) and Rev. Mark Norman (clergy) have collaborated on the following document (click on the link below). While no one can predict exactly the outcomes of the conference, we are presenting information that is factual and based on what we do know. We hope it will contribute to an environment of hope, transparency, and trust in the power of God working through the people of the United Methodist Church.

Resources for GeneraL Conference 2024

Below we have access to multiple resources to help up prepare for our journey through this General Conferences. We are very honored to have our own Brother Walt to be serving as a page at General Conference. He will be sharing his Journey via a Church Blog that will be updated as much as possible. If you have any questions about General Conference, reach out to our Pastors via the Church Office!

Guide to Postponed 2020 General Conference

The link below is a comprehensive guide that provides an overview of how General Conference works, a schedule for the conference, background information about The United Methodist Church, and key legislation that will be considered by the delegates of the postponed 2020 General Conference.

Understanding the 2024 General Conference: An Interview with Mark Norman

Listen to our Know Burning Bush Podcast and join Rev. Garry Teeter, along with Revs Keith Dodson and Walt Garrett sit down with Rev. Mark Norman, a delegate to the 2024 General Conference. Rev. Mark Norman was a delegate to the 2016 and the now 2024 General Conference of the United Methodist Church and will share insights into what could come next. Access the link below or wherever you get your podcasts!

Blog Updates with Brother Walt

We are supered honored and excited for Brother Walt to be able to attend General Conference 2024 as a page! He will be sharing his journey on a blog post via our website. The goal is to have a daily reflection. Make sure to check back daily on his experience starting April 23rd.