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Beliefs & Affiliations

Our church is a local congregation serving our community in connection with the United Methodist Church.  Our connectional identity is vital to our life and ministry.  It means that we have the opportunity to be involved in a global ministry far beyond the capacity of our own congregation alone.  Through our denominational cooperation we are able to work with other churches to address problems such as world hunger, poverty, AIDS and education in a more effective way.  Being in connection also means that other churches support and pray for us in our local ministry.  For more information, visit the United Methodist Church website.

United Methodists believe that faith is essentially a personal experience.  Each person should be free to think for themselves about what they really believe. As such, you will find a rich diversity of individual beliefs and opinions on many issues.  We may not all believe the same thing, but the people of the United Methodist Church believe in God and in each other.

As a part of the Universal church we affirm with all Christians the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed as the basic affirmations of Christian faith.  As a United Methodist congregation, we hold several distinctive beliefs that we have received within the tradition of John and Charles Wesley.  For more information, visit the United Methodist Church website.


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